• What is Kindermusik?

    Kindermusik is musik-making with a purpose

    Early introduction to music and movement impacts your child’s brain and body development in a way few other learning methods can. We should know. We’ve been transforming the lives of children, parents, and teachers around the world since 1978. Science has shown that children of any age learn more when the learning is playful and fun. Kindermusik parents and kids laugh, smile, stomp, play, kick, clap, jump, sing, and dance. But having fun is just the beginning. Steeped in educational theory, our programs engage you in learning about your child and your special relationship. Through our dynamic classes, captivating information about your child's development, and research-based curriculum, we excel at supporting you as you set a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our purpose is simple. We’re here to develop young hearts and minds. One child at a time.


    Classes are for infants, young toddlers, older toddlers, preschool, young children, and mixed ages. The Young Child classes for 5-7 year-olds are 1 hour. All other classes are 45 minutes. A loving adult (or two!) isrequired to attend children with through age 3 1/2. Preschool and Young Child classes require an adult to remain on the premises and join class for the last 15 minutes.


  • All classes are held at the Connecticut Dance School

    42 Halley Court, Fairfield, CT


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