• Level 2

    For older toddlers 2-3 years old
    with parent or caretaker

    • Wednesdays 9:45-10:30 
    • Sundays 9:15-10:00 (starts 6/2)


    • Exploring movement concepts and participating in musical interactions with objects and others
    • Discovering different ways instruments can make sounds and experiencing a wide range of musical concepts
    • Identifying and vocally imitating sounds and learning to describe them
    • Learning to associate a picture with a sound
    • Singing songs with language patterns that explore rhythm, speech sounds, syntax, and rhyme
    • Increased alertness, self-control, and ability to regulate their own movements
    • Stabilization of muscles necessary for healthy posture and overall balance
    • Improved coordination and locomotor skills, fine motor skills, and finger and hand strength
    • Strengthened ability to memorize, sequence, and predict patterns
    • Development of early pre-literacy and number skills
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