• Level 4

    For children in Pre-K & K

    This class runs in the summer.

    Please visit the Level 3 page for 3 1/2-5 year-olds or the Young Child page for school year classes for K-2nd grade.



    • Listening to a variety of sounds, including music from individual instruments and complete compositions that highlight specific genres, cultures, composers, or concepts and sharing their listening observations
    • More complicated instrument-play, such as dances that include instrument play, back-and-forth rhythm conversations with instruments, and songs with accompanying instrument patterns
    • Experiencing various types of movement, including creative movement, movement with a partner, group, instruments, or props, and movement that explores concepts like high/low or staccato/legato
    • Singing a variety of songs in an appropriate range and engaging in call-and-response, echoing, and instrument play
    • Pretend play through music, vocal development, storytelling, listening, and movement
    • Introduction to music concepts and vocabulary


    • Enhanced self-awareness, refined listening skills
    • Heightened sense of creativity
    • Development of sensory, motor, and cognitive skills
    • Increasing pitch accuracy, memory recall, and sequencing abilities
    • Ability to cooperate within a group, exhibit self-control, and listen attentively
    • Stronger foundation for language and literacy skills, such as phonological awareness, focused attention, effective communication, and vocabulary
    • Strengthened brain connections used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically
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