• Kindermusik for the Young Child

    Level 5 Kindergarten through 2nd grade
    Parent or caregiver joins for the last 15 minutes of class

    • Sundays 8:45-9:00 
    • Year 1: 9/16/18 through 6/2/19.    Year 2: 9/15/19-6/1/20
    • 30 Lessons plus two built in extra/makeup classes. 
    • Yr 1 Graduation class 6/9/19, Yr 2 Graduation class 6/8/20


    • Learning how to understand simple music notation and play the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and the recorder
    • Experiencing steady beat, meter, and rhythm through listening to music, moving, singing, playing instruments, and reading and writing music notation
    • Learning new music concepts through listening, moving, singing, game-playing, visuals, and imaginative play
    • Listening to music and sound with an analytical ear and paying close attention to pitch variation and timbre between specific instruments
    • Developing their speaking and singing voices through listening, imitating, and exploring
    • Participating in a variety of ensemble experiences, including instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and group dancing


    • Ability to read traditional and non-traditional music notation
    • Growing ability to extend what has been learned in one context to a new context
    • Awareness of steady beat, meter, and rhythm, essential musicianship skills with ties to physical development and coordination
    • Development of self-confidence, musicianship, collaboration, and creativity through teamwork, peer interaction, and communication
    • Ability to distinguish specific sounds within words and increased awareness of the rhythmic structure of language and developing speaking, reading, and listening skills
    • Understanding of music reading, beat competence, expressive movement, singing, instrument playing, and ensemble participation, skills that are beneficial in fields of study that involve problem-solving, creativity, coordination, persistence, fine-motor capabilities, and team participation
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